March 26, 2014

My Adventures in Editing: THE GREEN GHOST

Yes, once again it's time for another episode of Adventures in Pulp Editing, where I discuss an upcoming release that I've proofread. (It's a companion piece to my other series, Adventures of a Wannabe Writer and Creative Procrastination).

As you can see, I have proofed another collection for Airship 27 Productions, and fellow Zone 4 cohost Ron and Rob have put out a really stellar collection. Trust me, if you like movies such as Now You See Me (and who doesn't?), or even the shenanigans of Penn & Teller, I think you'll enjoy these tales of 1930s-era crimefighting.

But don't let that be your only foray into the worlds of Airship 27 - in fact, the widget below contains links to many other works that I've edited, and are worth your time and purchase. In fact, Zeppelin Tales was even nominated for a New Pulp award. (OK, so it didn't win...but it's still worth your time). You'll be supporting the blog, showing your support for indie pulp publishing, but most importantly....getting some darn good reads.

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