July 10, 2014

I Wrote This: TALL PULP ("Crossing McCausland")

You know all that hinting and teasing I've been doing....and the writing I've been doing?

Well, today I can finally discuss this publicly.

Pro Se Productions is releasing Tall Pulp, a collection of pulp-inspired takes on familiar tall tales and legends. One of the stories is a tale I wrote (my second story for Pro Se) entitled Crossing McCausland. It's a tale set in 1950s-era St. Louis (yes, that place again) and concerns Joe Magarac, hard-working hero of the steel mills, and...well, why don't I just present a slightly modified version of my pitch:

Whether you're in Pittsburgh or Racine, you've probably heard the tale of Joe Magarac - born from a mine, he is a literal "man of steel", making his way throughout the country to sacrifice himself to help his fellow workers, doing so to build a better world.

So Joe finds himself in a comfortable St. Louis suburb in 1950, having just
participated in a rescue. So when he hears that the people of Appleton are being threatened by the residents of neighboring Pitchford, Joe finds himself involved in helping protect a town of decent residents from a growing threat within their borders.

There's a saying in St. Louis - "Nobody crosses McCausland." McCausland
is a street that divides city and county: Mayor McCausland wants to divide
Appleton towards his ends. And only one person will dare cross Mayor McCausland: Joe Magarac."

Clicking on the Pro Se link above will provide you with ordering information: it's available via CreateSpace, and will be made available as an ebook shortly.

Just the kind of news I needed today....good news.

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