July 16, 2014

The Joys of Working Remote

It's one of the drawbacks to life in the early 21st century; I have now become something of a statistic.

Like many trudging through our current economic woes, I have become one of the "underemployed". No, I'm not complaining - but I have resigned myself to a lifestyle where I'm looking for work and taking on freelance/work-from-home assignments.

It's an unusual challenge - on the one hand, I'm often asked when seeking full time work Why do you want to move from consulting to full-time? Well, honestly....because seeking freelance work is just as much of a challenge as full-time work. Especially if I am "too senior" for a position, or a company is looking for "high energy" people.

(Yes, ageism in job seeking is a thing. I'll write more about that in another time).

But there's great freedom in working remote - one is the joys of coworking, or people getting together to work on their projects and share. (Mostly in the tech arena). There are several groups via Meetup.com that facilitate this, and there are plenty of opportunities in Chicago...but I'm not falling for the "wow-you're-an-entrepreneur" line. At some point, I will need to put together formal structures for my freelance work, but I also believe that it's easy to have my head in the clouds....but it's more important to keep grounded, especially now that I've been published.

Not much to blog about, but just wanted to chime in.

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