August 4, 2014

My Online Shenanigans - August Edition

Yes, just in time for August to begin - my semi-regular update on a variety of online shenanigans, mostly to provide some fodder for the blog, as well as improve search results on my name.

And as always, here we go.....

  • Although submitted in July, my latest Comic Related column just hit the Net, and I'm focusing on Orphan Black: Season 2. Thanks to BBC Home Entertainment, I was able to acquire a DVD set for review, and the results....well, just go ahead and read the column, won't you?
  • In other news, back when I was proofing for Radio Archives, I really found myself enjoying a great novel of the Spider (and no, that's not a typo - you're supposed to italicize the character's name) called Volunteer Corpse Brigade. Thankfully, it's now available as an ebook via Radio Archives. Trust me, it's a really good read.
  • On the business front, I had an opportunity a few months ago to discuss social entrepreneurship & social enterprise on Brian's podcast. Let's just say that yes, I have made some definite progress on plans since then, and that's been taking up a lot of my professional effort. And it's worth it.
  • As always, be sure to purchase Pro Se Productions' Tall Pulp  (which features my story Crossing McCausland)  as well as Airship 27 Productions' Hitwolf (which I was lucky enough to edit). Both are really good reads and in the case of Tall Pulp , something I'm very proud of. (If you ask nicely, I'll even do interviews about it....but let's keep Tommy of Pro Se in the loop, OK?)

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