November 10, 2014

Hire Me, Pal! - The Revisitation

As many of you know, I've been....well, you know that term "underemployed" that gets bandied about?

I'm one of them.

But I've been working hard to try to get more work - I have a little freelance work, but the nature of it is that it's short-term by nature. So I'm always seeking work, even to the point of having to endure well-intentioned, but faulty, advice, including:
  • You Need To Send Your Resume To A Bunch of People - or "spray and pray"? Not really a good idea.
  • Customize Your Resume To Each Job - that I can do, but still lack of response.
  • Be Aggressive In Follow Up - When I follow up with potential employers, I either get the calming chirping of crickets....or the abrupt "We'll call you if we need you."
  • Why Not Start Your Own Business? - Well, I am doing that, but it also means spending time collecting from deadbeat clients, dealing with the usual "we've gone with a more junior candidate", etc. I'm willing...and that's my purpose in writing today's post
Now, this isn't going to be a self-mocking, despairing post - I'm actually using the power of the Internet to take control. So here's my challenge to you, dear reader - I'm posting a link to my Linked In profile, and I'm asking you to connect me with potential clients.

Yes, just check out and forward the link if you know a small business, a comics/publishing company, or someone who can use a whip-smart online communications consultant, make the introduction!

Here's what I'm bringing to the table:
  • Experience not just in social media, but also public relations, online marketing, and copywriting
  • Knowledge of nonprofits, social enterprise, and small business marketing needs
  • A strong, dedicated work ethic geared towards delivering positive results, and
  • Dedication to thoroughness, honesty, and diligence
Yes, you're more than welcome to link and forward this post via social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc), because I don't want to be another person who bemoans their fate online without taking positive action. This isn't about self-obsession or self-pity; it's about taking a stand and moving forward. And quite honestly, this is much easier for me to do than to create a Kickstarter campaign.

Thanks for reading - and for your help!

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