November 12, 2014

My Writing Life - A Brief Update

A bit of a break from NaBloPomo for some important news:

As many you know, I've been embarking on a writing and editing "career" (as well as seeking freelance work). Thankfully, I have some news about some upcoming projects, including:
  • After numerous setbacks (most notably a flash drive crashing), I'm full-on into my second story for Airship 27 Productions, with one in the pipeline to be published in the future;
  • I'm editing a book for Airship 27 as we speak, and will be delivering that within the week; and
  • I've just received news that later this week, I should be receiving proofs for an anthology - and yes, I have contributed a story that - let's face it - I really loved writing.
So until then, you're more than welcome to purchase and read Tall Pulp (but you've done that already, haven't you?) If you haven't, just use the magical Amazon carosel below to purchase that - or any of the Airship 27 books that I've edited. At the very least, you have some great reads to enjoy and share this holiday season.

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