January 22, 2015

Public Domain Drive-In: THE SHADOW STRIKES

So you're probably wondering where I've been.... ...well, busy. Mostly, freelance work - a surprise assignment around the holidays led to further work. Plus, with current client and the search for other clients, my time's been at a premium.

Thankfully, my life is starting to fall into a slightly more orderly rhythm - one of my extracurricular activities has been limited in scope, and I will be leaving another one within the next few months. (It's not Chicago TARDIS, so don't worry on that end). But it does mean dedicating myself to not burning the candle at both ends.

In that spirit, and as an apology, here's The Shadow Strikes. Yes, it's a film version of that Shadow. But it's also not quite that Shadow. Hoping that, by posting this, the Internet is torn in half. Enjoy!

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