March 16, 2015

A Month Of My Online Shenanigans

It's that time once again - time to look at various other writing and mentions of me online.

Why? Because it provides a great excuse for me to get with the linking....and to build my search presence.

First, I served as election judge last Tuesday....and you can read all about the experience via Chicago Now. (As well as an update)

Although I didn't write this post, I am very happy to see my photo used in this article on the Chicago police. (And to the author - no problem. Use away - that's what the Flickr stream's for).

Yes, it's that time - time once again for a Comic Related column!

(And also another entry for I Hear of Sherlock)

Hey, look - another Flickr photo used!

Want to check out where I crank this stuff out? Yes, Sean Taylor posted a photo of my writing/work space (and I also am launching my own business!)

Finally, for your listening pleasure, the Zone 4 podcast.

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