April 10, 2015

5 Reasons to Attend Windy City Pulp Next Weekend

So you're probably thinking, "Hey, Gordon, I really want to attend next week's Windy City Pulp and Paper con, but I have no idea why I should do so?"
Well, I can think of a few reasons....five, in fact. So without further adieu, here are some good reason to attend next week:
  1. You'll find a variety of great reads - if you're looking for just pulp literature, you'll be happy. But there are plenty of vintage novels of various stripes....as well as some great nostalgia-themed items. It's a pretty good opportunity to catch up on your reading, as well as find some great new - and vintage - novels.
  2. I'll be rocking New Pulp Sunday - If you want to give only one day a trial, consider April 19th or "New Pulp Sunday". I'll be doing a reading from "Crossing McCausland" at 1:30 pm, and then will be on the "What's Next? The Changing Face of Genre Fiction" panel at 2:00 pm. Plus, things will come to an end around 3:00 pm, and the cost is only ten bucks. Speaking of costs...
  3. For Chicago residents, it's public transportation friendly - Although it is a lengthy trip, you can get to the convention via CTA and Pace bus - either the 313 Bus from the Green Line, or the 322 Bus from the Pink Line. Head to the CTA's main site for more detailed travel details. Hey, if you can attend a panel at C2E2, you can take the time and effort to...
  4. Support A Great Local Convention - Yeah, we have Wizard World and C2E2, but you should also be supporting smaller shows. Although I owe some people serious amends for missing Dan Con this year, I am a strong advocate of supporting smaller, more independent efforts, and Windy City's a great chance to show some love. Finally....
  5. Meet Two Hosts of Zone 4 - Not only will you get to meet me, but also Ron, who co-hosts the podcast with me....and who will continually remind you that he wrote the Green Hornet. And once you meet him, you'll understand a lot.
So in that spirit, be sure to head down to Windy City Pulp - I'll be there both Friday and Sunday. (Saturday I'll be at Columbia College talking Sherlock Holmes). For more details on my upcoming appearances, simply head back to this previous blog post.

And hopefully see you next weekend!

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