April 23, 2015

Adventures in Editing: Between Windy City Pulp & C2E2

Getting back into the groove after Windy City Pulp....and I had a blast. Next year, no split weekends for me - reading went well, had a chance to connect with my publisher, met some cool people and....well, basically jump-started my writing career. So much so that Monday morning, I was hired for a really short-term consulting gig. Things are starting to percolate....but I thought it would be cool to highlight some of my other writing and editing work.

The Shadow of Her Smile Shadow of Her Smile by Jack Beddows. It's a nice, taut novel about a man involved with a woman during World War I. The fact that she's a vampire....complicates matters. Shadow of Her Smile does a great job of evoking that early style, while telling a pretty intricate tale. Available in both softcover and Kindle formats, Shadow of Her Smile is an enjoyable read available via Airship 27 Productions.

If you're looking for a great short story, why not check out Pro Se's Single Shot The Eye of Darkness (The Adventures of Dr. Shadows Book 1) by Teel James Glenn? It's good, it's relatively inexpensive (only a buck), and quite honestly - it's a pretty good story. Short, to the point, but more importantly - entertaining as heck.

And so now, back to the grindstone - as well as preparation for C2E2. So yes, pals, it's going to be awhile before you hear from me again....

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