August 30, 2015


(Special thanks to BBC Home Entertainment for providing screener DVDs for review. Mild spoilers follow)

My experience of watching Orphan Black is like many others - I binge watch after the series is over. For some people, watching the series over the course of a few days fosters a greater appreciation for the complexities of Orphan Black's narrative; others can settle for the week-to-week growth.

For me, Orphan Black's third season has a bit of lag in the middle....but towards the end, it builds into a very strong conclusion that loops back around to the first season and builds a new status quo.

Admittedly, I can find little fault with the first two seasons of Orphan Black - after all, the narrative took us straight into the heart of conspiracy and identity without missing a beat. The show used - and twisted - tropes freely, creating a uniquely engaging story. However, Orphan Black's third season seems to hold water in the middle of its arc.

For example - I could have easily done without the Breaking Bad-style comedic subplot. (Yes, Orphan Black does need to break the tension, but this, as if there was no better idea in the planning). The constant exchange of names without context felt confusing (I had to keep reminding myself who Topside and Dyad were throughout the narrative). But after two years of consistently sparkling storytelling, Orphan Black can afford a bit of a lag in year three.

But is this worth watching? Yes - there are some key twists in Orphan Black's third season that give it an added thrust. There are revelations a-plenty as the series comes to a close, and there is a sense of both reinvention and returning to basics.

In short, this is highly recommended. But be sure to watch series one and two first.

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