January 14, 2016

Comics I'm Reading: SQUADRON SUPREME # 1

Quite honestly, it's been awhile since I've allowed myself the pleasure of reading comics on the regular basis. (Mostly, budgetary - if I have to choose between comics and Ramen noodles, well...)

But I've been drawing increasingly more towards Marvel's output than DC's. Part of it is that Marvel seems to be doing a better job of DC-style comics than their competitor; much of it though is that there's a stronger sense of diversity....not just in their characters, but in their storytelling approaches.

Squadron Supreme, written by James Robinson and drawn by Leonard Kirk, is my current favorite series, hands-down...and we're only two issues in.

It might be tempting to view this as Robinson's satirical "take" on Geoff Johns' writing - this issue opens with a team of members from parallel worlds banding together to protect their new home. Squadron Supreme # 1 features high-end action, the death of a major character through loss of a key body part, and resulting mixed reactions from the world at large.

What that attitude ignores is that Robinson does a very clever - and subtle - job in world-building....and by 'world-building', I mean on a multiversal level. (So we get alternate takes of "new-ish" characters, but they all have their own history/weight/etc). When the "big moment" happens (and no, I'm not going to spoil - my choice as a blogger), it has definite consequences which begin playing out in issue 2.

Leonard Kirk does a very good job in illustrating - there's a night sense of weight and pace to his work. It also helps that it never feels exaggerated or showy, especially with the way in which this series is proceeding.

No doubt about it - Marvel's Squadron Supreme is being added to the pull list.

And DC - you might want to rethink your creative approach to your comics.

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