February 23, 2016

Moving Towards The Other Side

To be quite honest, despite the trauma of the past four months....this has been a very positive year for me.

Although recovery has been slow, I have been carving out a small career as a freelance consultant for both agencies and my own one-man shop. I've actually managed to increase my social activities, and my writing career is taking off.....

Keeping perspective is a challenge, though - my cousin is still recovering from the accident involving him and my aunt. (He is enduring heavy injuries; my aunt was killed on impact). Mom is "fostering" another cat (but let's be honest - by "fostering", I mean "planning to keep anyway"). One of my fellow Doctor Who fans from the Meetup passed away after surgery.

Ironically, one of the challenges I am facing is that....well, it seems like my accepting certain issues leads to those being resolved in a totally different manner. Take C2E2....after being declined a press pass, I had accepted that maybe this year, I would take a break. However, I was asked to do not one, but two freestanding events within the convention. Certain work opportunities are presenting themselves without me prompting them.

Moving through transitions - getting to the other side - is scary and thrilling, for precisely the same reason: I have no idea what's coming. Looking at it one way, my only problems are luxury problems....but from another view, they seem insurmountable.

But if I'm totally honest, I'm looking at myself in comparison to the man I was two years ago, and there's been a slight turnaround. I'm more confident that things will work out....maybe not the way I wish, but they will work out.

And that's what keeps me going.

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