May 31, 2016

This Past Month in Online Shenanigans

One of the disadvantages to running my own freelance marketing consultancy is that I often have less time for blogging/writing/etc. Thankfully, I've been able to complete some long-standing personal projects, meaning more leisure and writing time. But as always, here's my monthly summary of various online appearances.

First, I have been busy blogging for Chicago Now's One Cause At A Time, resulting in a recent appearance at the Chicago State of Innovation Conference. Here are some perspectives from the conference for your reading pleasure.

This past week, I recorded a podcast interview with Art Sippo for his pulp-oriented Art's Reviews podcast. (We focused on many of my pulp writing efforts, including Black Bat Mystery - Volume 3 and Dreamer's Syndrome: New World Navigation). Thanks to my involvement with the Black Bat, I've also discovered a great fan site around the character

Speaking of podcasts, I was part of a "Fantasy Draft Crew" panel at DePaul University's Celebration of Star Trek. You can listen to the panel via this episode of The Televerse.

Special thanks to Andrew Salmon for the opportunity to review his Fight Card entry Sherlock Holmes: A Congression of Pallbearers  for I Hear of Sherlock

Finally, a new place where I'll be writing - I'm doing to be contributing to CompleteSet thanks to Chuck Moore (formerly of Comic Related, now of CompleteSet and The Charlie Tonic Hour). And of course, my first Doctor Who related. 

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