September 18, 2016

As The Blogaround Turns

Next Door Chicago 04

Things have been a bit...interesting. Nothing major, but plenty to keep me busy. And in that spirit, here are some other appearances and writings online - mostly to provide tons of reading pleasure and provide a little search engine love.

So if you missed it, I made another appearance on WBEZ's Morning Shift to discuss Star Trek....and in fact, there's even a short little video as well.

Not only did the most recent Trek-themed Chicago Now post earn a mention in the Nonprofit Quarterly , but there's another Chicago Now post focusing on current events. And who says that social benefit issues are boring?)

News about the Chicago TARDIS Charity Auction is moving fast - in fact, this very blog post is getting a bit more traction via aggregator sites. And if you want to help, please visit the Chicago TARDIS Auction page for details.

(Also, if you're in town this Wednesday night, join me at the next Chicago Doctor Who Meetup event at Third Coast Comics).

In other news, check out this recent comic review for I Hear of Sherlock.

Finally, via Facebook, an episode of Zone 4 that's all about Suicide Squad.

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