September 8, 2016

On STAR TREK'S 50th Anniversary

I'll be honest, I'm having a bit of a hard time with this, but not for the reasons you may think.

Fifty years ago today, Star Trek made its television debut. It's a show that I literally grew up with...and which was the only other thing (besides Sherlock Holmes) that bound us.

Late yesterday, I was asked to appear on WBEZ's Morning Shift to discuss life lessons from Star Trek on its 50th anniversary. (You can listen - and watch a nice video recap - via this link). Although it felt a little odd this morning (and to be fair, I was well prepared), it wasn't too unfamiliar....especially since I discussed Star Trek on WBEZ back in July.

But as I left Navy Pier, I felt a slight wave of melancholic longing, and then I realized why this was so powerful....

Ten years ago this month, Dad passed, kickstarting the whole move-back-to-Chicago thing.

But rather than dwell, I'm going to celebrate in my own way - watching my favorite TOS fan film series, and prepping for this Saturday night with Svengoolie.

Because that's how I'm going to "boldly go" into the future.

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