November 20, 2016

Moving Towards OK

I know, I know....yes, it happened. And things are not all right.

Not since November 8th.

And it's not just the I-think-the-wrong-guy-got-in mentality, it's the gloating. And the flat-out hostility.

(Thankfully, Bully did a great job of posting both the negative and positive).

And yes, I have a dog in this fight - I've been one of those "hidden Americans" who has been struggling day-to-day. I've felt disempowered, but with Trump's feels even more so.

But in the words of a great song by the Clash, I'm letting anger be power...and I'm using it.

First, let's be clear - if you voted for Trump, you basically said that racism, xenophobia, and sexism are perfectly acceptable behaviors. For some of my conservative friends, there's an additional level of hypocrisy, for they were dismissing Trump a year ago, and then through the primaries...but now, he's their ideal candidate.

Sorry, bad behavior never changes in context. And before you decry Hilary in the comments - yes, she wasn't perfect. She acted like she owned the election. There, we agree.

For those who didn't vote - this is on you. Apathy is no excuse, and the only thing you are asked to do in service of your country is vote. Would the result be the same? Who knows....but your unwillingness to take a simple stand brands you as a coward.

But moving forward...I'm choosing a slightly different stance.

First, I plan to get more active in causes to help counter was going to be a very repressive four years. Thanks to Bully's link above, I can start exploring my options. (And I'm more willing to donate time than money - I've never been big on checkbook advocacy, and I'm more than willing to go grassroots).

I've also cut out a lot of fake news on Facebook....and unfriended those who keep circulating it on both sides. I've also taken to reading newspapers at my local library...because let's be clear: if you don't think that libraries will be on the list of "non-essential services" or accused of "wasting taxpayer dollars" would be dead wrong.

But more importantly, I'm speaking out and acting as an example - not because I'm so wonderful or that I'm a paragon, but anyone can tweet/post information. It's much harder to live up to your own principles....but I'm definitely planning on stepping forward.

I've already sent a message to Chicago Doctor Who Meetup reassuring them about the group. But I'm joining what's been colloquially referred to as "The Resistance", a group of sober-minded liberals who are willing to take on and challenge what will be a very contentious (and hopefully, one-term president).

If that bothers you, or you feel the need to assert Trump's will be fought.

Ironically, with all that's happening, it makes me want to revisit The Prisoner, especially the episode Free For Fall.

And on that note, I pledge that with this blog, when it comes to politics....

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