December 4, 2016

Catching Up From the Past Month


I have to admit, I'm only now starting to recover from the past month's activities. I'm proud to say that last weekend's charity auction at Chicago TARDIS raised over $2,400 - despite lower attendance than previous years, that is a really impressive number. I couldn't have done it without the help of many of my fellow staffers, and the generosity of so many people...

...and it's something that keeps me from being totally cynical about the current political situation. Thankfully, I'm doing some small scale work and have a couple of potential clients in the pipeline. Running my own personal crowdfunding/fundraising site has been on the back burner for a bit. but knowing that most people are basically good, decent, and caring really makes me feel confident moving forward.

(And at some point, when it looks like I have enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it will go down....but right now, I'm only just crawling out of survival mode).

Thanksgiving with Mom went very well - ended up spending Wednesday night with her, and left for CT straight from her place. Even though things are rough, I'm grateful for so much, including not having to board a plane for Chicago from St. Louis.

In terms of other happenings, two great things happened this past month - mostly, unexpected kudos. Colony of the Black Bat highlighted a probably never-to-be-published Black Bat story (which I will revamp and hopefully get published), and my comments about the Replacements were featured in the Skyway's 100th issue (available for download as PDF).

Finally, I'm also being published as part of a benefit anthology, but that press release (and requisite Where Stories Come From post) will come this week.

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