January 29, 2017

Monthly Online Shenanigans & Shameless Self Promotion

Ok, so it's that time once again when I post various online appearances, writings, and other general items of interest to provide you with plenty of insight, update you on my goings on, and help improve my personal SEO.

First, as always, you can check out my personal site....in an effort to drive some freelance/full-time work, I've added a professional services page as well as reformatted my professional portfolio. Plus, if you haven't noticed, I've also sorted the top links and included my Amazon Author page. Hopefully, this should give me a little bit more of a boost. 

(Plus, if you order my books, either order from Amazon or directly from Pro Se Productions, Space Buggy Press, or Airship 27 Productions - not only do I get royalties, but you also avoid engaging in digital piracy. I can also hook you up if you want to review any of my work)

It's been years since I've pestered Mike Sterling of Progressive Ruin (at least, it seems like years), so I'm really grateful he commented on several of my 2016 Comics Predictions.

I honestly don't remember if I linked to this previously, but a Black Bat fan posted a page from a story I wrote (but unlikely to be published). No worries: I'm hoping to rewrite the story and get it out somehow

And now, a post for pal Roger via Chicago Now's One Cause At A Time - it was part of a group effort on writing around the same topic. It's also a potent reminder that ten years ago, I moved back to Chicago from St. Louis. 

That's it for now....I'd better start planning for the next few weeks. Those Leverage posts ain't gonna write themselves....

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