August 8, 2017

Twitter Threads: My Semi-Substitute for Blogging

One of the habits that I developed during my sojourn from blogging is mastering the art of the "Twitter thread".

That's right - I went back to my Twitter account after a long sojourn.

Thankfully, there was a nice change of pace - rather than 1,000s of tweets about social media marketing (which is part of my professional skill set), but now there were 1,000s of tweets about more politically and socially-minded issues...which is kind of why I joined Twitter.

(Well, that and there wasn't much else to do in St. Louis).

So in that spirit, I'm embedding two tweets that lead to threaded conversations. They're not long enough for full blog posts....but just enough that I was able to articulate my feelings about two things near and dear to my heart.

The first - being a pulp writer.

The second - elder care and my mom.

Please enjoy both.

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