September 1, 2017

Poetry Corner: "Outrunning the Void"

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And now, for a possible semi-regular feature on the blog....I've been writing a lot more poetry lately. Mostly, it's been to work through my feelings, whether literally or (mostly) in metaphor. I've also been submitting my work to various literary magazines...with little luck.

So anything that doesn't get published professionally, I'm posting to the blog. At the very least, it will have a home amongst the other things that I write. Of course, I'm not quite sure that poetry fits amongst the more pop cultural and writing-oriented posts that you may be used to seeing....but this is worth a try.

And now, for the debut of...

Outrunning the Void

I move with intention
Outrunning the void
Fighting off despair
Hoping to heal
Knowing I won’t.

I seek attention
Wanting the focus
Feeling rejection;
Preemptive defeat
At every corner.

I frequently think of her;
Feeling the moment
Open to joy
Missing that moment
And its narcotic influence
Waning over time.

I feel time descending
Weighing my heart
Collapsing onto itself
Never relieved,
Always accelerating.

I think of her again
All smiles and light;
I wish for courage
To face rejection
Knowing she’ll always care
Yet resenting her for not caring enough.

This is my life:
A hard-earned defeat
At the end of a drawn-out war.
Wanting to cry, yet
Scared that I can’t. 

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