February 8, 2018

Cruising (Not Boozing) Around the Internet

As you can see, I haven't been keeping out of trouble; in fact, there are several really cool opportunities where my name's been out in the spotlight in the past few weeks...and I'm also really glad to highlight (and repeat) several of them.

First, I'm glad that in 2017 I did two podcast interviews that really bring me a lot of pride: this interview for Radio Islam on Net Neutrality and this podcast interview for Working Class Creatives. The former I'm especially proud of because it helped me land the "one of the best posts of 2017" designation for this Chicago Now post about Ajit Pai and Net Neutrality. (And here's another post about Net Neutrality)

Hey, look - I've been interviewed!

Hey, look! Mike Sterling posted his answers to my 2017 predictions on his blog!

Also, I help Chicago Now answer one of the most troubling questions about living in Chicago, as well as great places to get free stuff.

In April, I'll be running two panels at DePaul Pop Culture Conference - Celebration of Slashers. One is on John Carpenter; the other is about the "death" of Gothic Horror. Won't you join me?

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