About Me

First, thank you for visiting my blog! And more importantly, visiting the About Me page.

Who am I? My name is Gordon Dymowski, and I live in Chicago (with an eight year break where I lived in Eugene, Oregon for a year and St. Louis, Missouri for seven years). Currently, I'm a freelance communications consultant with a strong background in non-profit community organization/mobilization and public health. (Please visit my personal homepage and my Linked In profile for more information).

However, this blog focuses primarily on my personal interests - comics (with the occasional foray into printed fiction), movies, television (with a strong focus on Doctor Who), with the occasional sprinkling of Chicago-related information and some personal sharing (within limits). I'm also one of the rotating co-hosts for the Zone 4 podcast and write about technology and social benefit in the Chicago area for Chicago Now's One Cause At A Time (updates available via Facebook as well)

This blog is updated at least three to four times a week (hopefully, more frequently), and is extremely PR friendly. Special focus will be given to smaller, independent comic companies, and I am willing to work with nonprofits with a focus around comics, graphic literature and/or related issues. I have worked with other marketing firms in the past, and if you would like to consider working with me, please be sure to read my blog's PR/disclosure policy.

I'm relatively active on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus (click on gordondymowski.com for a much broader overview of my social media presence). However, opinions expressed in this blog are completely my own, and do not reflect those of employers, contractors, peers, or others.

Also, since I'm a published writer, you are more than welcome to follow my Facebook author page, as well as my Amazon.com page.

Want to contact me? Just visit the Contact Me page on my personal site and fill out the form - I read and respond to every inquiry.

Thank you very much for reading!