Blog PR/Disclosure Policy

(Portions of this policy were originally published in February 2011; revised as of 7/23/2014)

As a active blogger about comics, television, and popular culture, I usually get e-mails asking for reviews and posts about particular topics, books, movies, etc.

At one point, I posted a note which was a good "starter" policy for the blog; this is a more formal reiteration and reformulation of that policy. This blog is very "PR friendly", and has worked with marketers and publishers in the past; I hope to continue to do so in the coming months.
This policy will be continually reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis. I will also work hard to follow these principles on a more consistent basis, so I apologize in advance for any variation on my part. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me either via this "Contact Me" form. I will respond in a timely manner
  • Personalized, more specific e-mail "pitches" will receive acknowledgement - If you send a press release and zip file, and/or use a general distribution list, I may not necessarily send you a "got this" e-mail. If you take the time to contact me, I will send you a note letting you know I received it, as well as either a time frame for posting, or I will politely decline. At the very least, it's the professional thing to do (and please - read my blog first before sending me a pitch. My tone is slightly irreverent; it might not be a solid match for your efforts).
  • I will follow the FTC Guidelines for Blogger Disclosure and reveal any complimentary items (including electronic copies) and product. - My professional background has given me a very strong backing in terms of why disclosure is important; my integrity is not for sale at any price. Only when I spend my own money or take materials out of the public library will I not disclose.
  • I will give an honest - yet tempered - opinion: I am more than willing, when I'm writing to share my concerns and thoughts on why I may not totally like something. I won't go out of my way to trash anything or anyone - there's too much of that on the blogosphere as it is. Life's too short to be bitter and cynical.
  • If you are a smaller, indie publisher, you are more than welcome to e-mail me and send an electronic copy of your book -Although I'll read books by the majors and some of the higher end independents, my philosophy is to focus on more indie books, especially really small print books. Much like Comic Related, my focus will increase towards those books that need some word of mouth; please feel free to contact me if you would like me to read and review your work. Electronic copies are also more than welcome - I know smaller companies lose money by sending product; electronic copies (especially PDFs) are welcome and will not be pirated/distributed after use. (I am also willing to return them upon request)
  • Please don't be disappointed if I do not respond right away, and be sure to remind me. - Like many of you, events sometimes conspire to put me behind; you are more than welcome to touch base again and remind me that you've sent me materials. Think of it as a "good neighbor" policy - if I forget to return your lawn mower, you're more than welcome to nudge me into giving it back.
  • I will also disclose when I am a contributor to a particular product; as a writer/editor, I work with a variety of companies including Airship 27 Productions and Pro Se Productions. Any time I write about products/media provided by such a company, I will make it clear that it was part of my duties. 
  • Ad space can be purchased on this site - If you would like to purchase ad space on this blog, please drop me an e-mail; this site receives 450 - 500 unique hits a month. In addition, I will provide free ad space gratis for non-profits with a distinct emphasis on comics and graphic literature. Contact me for details.
  • This policy will be applicable across all media - if I mention your book on the Zone 4 podcast and/or any other media channel (online or offline), all the same rules apply as if I blogged about it. It's not only the law, it just makes good sense.
  • This policy will continually be revised, refined, and updated as needed. 
I also have an affiliate relationship with - however, my preference is to deal directly with a vendor whenever possible.

I am open to further relationships where appropriate; please feel free to contact me with details.