July 7, 2004

My Five O'Clock World...

In my humble opinion, storms really frickin' suck. Monday, my power flipped out twice (and for some reason, my fridge was working but my freezer...let's just say warm Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey ain't pretty), and I ended up spending most of the day asleep, recovering from my 4th of July partay-ing.

However, it wasn't all bad - started reading Hitchhiker by MJ Simpson (It's a biography of Douglas Adams, and it looks OK so far). Note to myself - quit
the frequent trips to the library and start reading the books you own. That way,
you can't be arrested for library card fraud. Also slogged my way through
Doctor Who: The Caves of Androzani (Robert Holmes is a frickin' genius - he
wrote the ultimate Doctor debut in "Spearhead from Space"; this is the ultimate
Doctor regeneration story), and took a lot of naps.

Tuesday at work - ugh! The roof in my office was drippy, the air was musty, and I spent half a day in Jefferson County. Whatever I did in a previous life, I'm getting karmically kicked in the heinie.

And finally, the world must be coming to an end - Simon & Simon is coming out on DVD.

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