July 5, 2004

5th of July

Most of today I have spent napping, trying to wade through H.P. Lovecraft, cleaning up my apartment, and recovering from Fair St. Louis.

No, it wasn't chemically induced - last night, I went to see the Wallflowers play a free show, followed by a really intense fireworks display. I have to admit that I'm not exactly the Wallflower's biggest fan - enjoy their work, but Jakob Dylan's Springsteenish habits never appealed. Last night, however, I have to admit - they kicked out the jams. You know you're dealing with a really good band when 1) you don't check your watch during the show; 2) you're impressed when they encore with "The Kids are Alright" by the Who and "Peace, Love, and Understanding" by Elvis Costello (via Nick Lowe); and 3) you are willing to go and buy their records rather than download illegally.
(Just kidding about # 3, RIAA...or am I?

That was followed, after a seemingly eternal commercial, by a really intense fireworks display. I love big fireworks displays - why buy cheap fireworks and risk bodily injury when the professionals do it for you? Bright explosions of color so intense you actually feel the ground shake...man, that's it for me.

Other notable things: a friend and I walking through Laclede's Landing, trying to find a place to hang until the MetroLink lines thin out....running to a half-empty bar charging a $3 cover charge (!)...passing by a much smaller stage, hearing a very lame band, and realizing that it's the Gin Blossoms (aka the "Hey, Jealousy!" guys - how sad)...and then finishing up the night sitting in the basement of the Bi-State building eating really cheap Chinese food and digging the crowd...and finally, waking up in the morning to some really intense thunderstorms, and being able to just feed the cat and head back to bed.

If that doesn't say "fun", I don't know what does.

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