July 4, 2004

Two Cool Comics, er, I mean, "Graphic Novels"....

If you're looking for two cool reads, don't want to slog through a lot of texts, and you still can't locate that copy of The DaVinci Code, here are two really cool graphic novels you might enjoy.

First, I checked Fables: Animal Farm out of the public library (something which was not considered when I was small and wee). The premise is simple: all our favorite fairy tale characters were ridden out, and have made lives among us. When I saw the book, I thought it was a lame premise...but reading the 2nd story arc, I am really wanting to get the collected first arc, or (honor or honors) have it in my pull file at the Fantasy Shop in Maplewood.

(BTW, if you work there, just give me a slight percent discount for the free plug)

Anyway, another really good book is Kurt Busiek's Astro City, and after discussing it with some of my coworkers, I submitted to temptation and purchased Astro City: Confession, the trade paperback of the first extended arc. It's about a young man who comes to Astro City and becomes a hero's apprentice. It has everything: high drama, great characterization, a still-can't-see-it-coming twist in the middle...and a lame dude named Crackerjack. If that doesn't spell good reading, I don't know what does.

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