July 29, 2004

Worthy Causes

Just some upcoming events & opportunities to "Pay It Forward".

(Please Note: In the interests of full disclosure, I either know and/or am involved with several of the events posted. Just want to keep it honest, folks)

  • First, Boys and Girls Town of Missouri is having a really cool event at Harry's on Clayton on August 9th, as well as a golf tournament in late September. (I'll be attending a meeting in University City on the 9th). For more information, head to the BGTM web site)

  • Something a little sooner - this Saturday, July 31st, at 7:00 pm, there will be benefit concert for the Missouri Budget Project, which committed to making sure that state fiscal policy helps low to moderate income households. The concert, featuring the band Old Man Joe, will be held at Off Broadway on Lemp. (Click here for a map). It's 10 bucks, and will be my last hurrah before I move into the Milennium for a conference.

  • The Penrose O'Fallon Family Initiative (whose board I just joined) is in dire straits. As in "Klingons are surrounding the Enterprise, Scotty's totally bugnuts, and phasers are offline" kind of straits. If you know of any funding/other 501c3 resources, please e-mail me. Or, feel free to come to our next board meeting, Tuesday, August 24th, at 6:00 pm - click here for the location).

  • Finally, on Monday, November 1st, please head down to Arnold, MO for lunch and/or dinner. It's the day their smoke-free ordinance goes into effect, and we wouldn't want them to lose business.

Thanks for your help, and for reading!

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