October 24, 2004

This Week's Blog Reading

Never one to have an original idea myself, here are some highlights from the blogosphere...

My friend Brian is looking for costume ideas - please help! (BTW, since I couldn't find a cheap gas mask, I'm going as animated Batman!)

Scott at Polite Dissent encourages you to vote Voodoo!

Psychbloke finds a very interesting piece of 1960s-era England

The best political blog in STL talks about a really dumb plan to handle meth. Even though I'm a warm-and-fuzzy prevention guy, even I have my limits.

Thanks to Ian's Talkin' Chaykin series, I have a much better appreciation for Chaykin's work...and will be checking out a back issue bin near me!

Thanks to Boing Boing for information on L. Ron Hubbard: The School Play Version

Laura's comment on Superman: True Brit
pretty much sums up my feeling about this particular artist's work

A shout-out to Screen Rant, my favorite entertainment blog, for this devastating insight as to a possible reason why Paris Hilton got famous. (My conclusion, not his, folks)

Will Pfeifer has given me one more reason to respect him.

Dave at Yet Another Comics Blog gives some other highlights in the blogosphere as well.

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