November 27, 2004

It's Complete!

Yes, even after several delays, and in the midst of a bad upper respiratory thang, I am here to announce

Official NaNoWriMo 2004 Winner!

That's right - I took the Nanowrimo challenge, and wrote a novel, the results of which can be read on this blog.

Some things I learned on the way:
  1. Do a little every day - this might have gone much better had I not taken a vacation from it for awhile while I was in Chicago, but persistence pays off.
  2. I'm actually, like, talented at this stuff
  3. Edit, edit, edit.
  4. I need to save some pennies towards a laptop
  5. There's no such thing as a bad idea.
  6. I am definitely a much better writer than some people out there, and they know who they are.
Let me know if you think I should "publish" it as a PDF file to download. (I do have the capabilities). At the very least, I can say that I did it. (And I'll update the graphics and stuff later this week).

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