December 31, 2004

Top 10 of 2004

Now that 2004 is almost gone, I wanted to do a "top 10" of 2004 - not just comics or videos, but just a smorgasboard of personal impressions, excitements, likes and dislikes. Consider this "Gordon's Top 10" of various things, in no particular order:
  1. Logan Anthony Flores, aka the Godson, who's cute, knows it, and is turning out to be a real antiestablishment dude, just like me.
  2. Kinsey - saw this at the St. Louis International Film Festival, before it went into general release, and I think that, craft-wise, it's an easy Oscar sell. However, content wise...dealing with a guy who went where very few people went before in terms of sexuality, and some of the other material, may hinder it. See it for yourself.
  3. Riversplash - of all the 2004 St. Louis celebrations, this is the one I want to see happening on a yearly basis. A series of free concerts on the St. Louis riverfront, followed by a laser/water show, enabled me to see Liz Phair, Doctor John, and BB I said, I wanna see this every year.
  4. DVD Releases of Failed Shows - from Family Guy to Greg The Bunny, from Firefly to The Tick, many shows that didn't get a "fair shake" are now available for rental or purchase.
  5. Kids in the Hall on DVD - Seasons One and Two are available for purchase...and while you're at it, check out my pal Barb's KITH site. You'll thank me for it later.
  6. Getting a Life - I think I'm starting to head towards that whole "balance" thing.
  7. Doctor Who Returns! - And thankfully, there are some people behind it who aren't stuck in nostalgia, but really want to do it right. So, is there anyone out there willing to tape it for me when it comes to Sci-Fi channel?
  8. State Synar Rates - Yes, this is work related, but overall, Missouri's rate of selling cigarettes to kids under 18 (according to the Division of Alcohol & Drug Abuse) is approximately 11% - lower than last year, but plenty of work to do. Plus, five out of seven counties my agency covers are over 90% (the only exceptions being Franklin & Lincoln I said, more work to do).
  9. Fanboy Uproar - right now, my latest spectator sport is reading the comments section at Fanboy Rampage. From Identity Crisis to John Byrne, from women in refrigerators to Bat-arcs, not even massive devastation a continent away will stop these fine individuals from whining about the least important things.
  10. Finally, blogs - if it weren't for blogs, not only would I have discovered some of the workings of my local homies' minds, but was able to find some like-minded people across the nation. It almost makes me yearn for the days of Prodigy Classic....but not by much.

Thanks, and have a happy, safe, and healthy 2005...and don't forget to enter our modest little contest.

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Psychbloke said...

Thanks - will be sending similar sentiments straight back atcha as part of some kinda mass Vulcan mind meld thing.....