January 6, 2005

Random Stuff

Whew, boy, the past few days going back into work have been...hectic. Hectic in a good way. Some parts are good (in a "can't-talk-about-them-until-we're-done" way), some parts are the usual (planning for a major project, dealing with some of my teams, etc), but it's all fun, and getting back into the swing of things this early in the year....is always good.

The Comic Treadmill has finished their 12 Days of Christmas postings - trust me, kids, it's the most clever thing to come out of this past holiday since.....well, ever.

One really cool video find so far this year has been Ultraviolet, a vampire series for people who normally dislike vampire series. In America, you've got your Buffy/Angel, and vampires are much more deeply entrenched in our culture than in England. However, this is a series that updates the vampire myth, gives it an X-Files-esque spin, and because it's only six one hour episodes, does not even come close to jumping the shark.

After being shut down by spammers, the might Arch Pundit has returned, providing excellent insight and news on the STL political scene.

Oh, and although I had announced a contest for Gmail invitations, screw it - just let me know if you need one (or know of a worthy place to send them) and it's yours/theirs.

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