November 1, 2005

Desert Island Trades

First, some administrava - added Redhead Fangirl to the blogroll, discovered that Lefty & I share a common enemy, and have been listening to the second greatest Doctor Who Unbound audio (this is my first choice).

Anyway, this week is going to be busy - networking, interviews, and flat out research on the job search. I wanted to think of a cool post to stimulate interest, and came across James' desert island meme on The Comic Asylum. Thinking that it was great food for thought, I am proposing my "five trades I can't live without", and that if I were stuck on a desert island, would be spared if I needed to build a fire.
  1. Watchmen - I think this goes without saying. Whether you think it deserves prominence as a novel or graphic literature, this is a flat-out masterpiece. Psychologically, structurally, character-wise: it's worth rereading again and again. It's as necessary as a copy of Citizen Kane in your movie collection.
  2. DR & Quinch's Guide to Life - Everyone is so fixed on Alan Moore as an intellectual reframer of comics, nobody seems to realize - this guy is funny. DR & Quinch is equal parts Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galay, The Young Ones, and Monty Python. It's a great alternate take on a prominent talent.
  3. Starman: A Wicked Inclination - I've always wondered why this series never got its props. I'm including this one strictly for the Stars & Sand four-parter, when Jack Knight teams with Wesley Dodds. Literate writing, great use of continuity, razor sharp characterizations...yes, friends, comics can be this good.
  4. Ex Machina: The First Hundred Days - I really like this series because it's got enough city politics for the policy wonk in me; but it also has great superhero action for the fanboy in me. It's well worth being stranded on a desert island with.
  5. Fun With Milk & Cheese - Dairy products gone bad. Evan Dorkin's masterpiece of spite and wit.
And of course, I would not only have Andy's Louie Louie disc as background music, but would also want (hubba, hubba) some companionship as well.

Meme on, readers!

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