November 2, 2005

Pullin' A Burgas

Ok, since Greg is writing a novel for Nanowrimo, I thought, "hey, why not outright plagiarize his idea and post a bunch of links?" (One of these days, I'll export my novel as a PDF and make it available to anyone who asks, since I deleted the blog awhile ago. It was...interesting, to say the least.) So without further adieu, readers, here's the skinny:

First, if you're looking for radio dramas, be sure to check out here and here, as well as the Mercury Theater archive.

James at the Comic Asylum has started a new meme, and like any bandwagon, I eagerly jumped at the chance.

Lefty Brown has a new award to present, but I don't think Tom the Dog will be nominating this book.

(By the way, Tom, just watched 10 minutes of Freddie....hoo, boy, I want those ten minutes back)

Blog St. Louis - the greatest place to get news on St Louis politics - has changed its look. Check it out.

Another bright idea from Hollywood, thanks to the Church of Klugman.

The Absorbascon makes a great case for Hal Jordan to not have a power ring.

If you want to know what great things actors say, check this out. For example, Tom Cruise says, "I love jumping on couches and reading Logan's blog." OK, so he has good taste in blogs....

For the Trek fans, RIP Michael Piller.

If you have a non-profit and want a free logo design, you might want to read this.

I'm seriously thinking of contacting Screen Rant and doing some writing. Your thoughts?

Looks like my friend Brian is also doing the Nanowrimo thang.

Dave's Long Box thanks Space Ghost. All we gotta say is....F@$%! yeah!

(Also, I would like to nominate this post for Lefty Brown's award)

Redhead Fangirl met Burt Ward...and lived to tell the tale.

Finally, Will's post on Phil Spector... speaks for itself.

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