December 20, 2005

Premise Beach Part Deux

In a previous post, I suggested a Premise Beach in which comics bloggers were the Avengers. However, in the interest of equal time, I would like to propose this Elseworlds entitled:

Justice League: Blogsophere. A team dedicated to protecting the world. The World's Greatest Bloggers coming together to dole out the harshness.

And who is our roster?

Scipio - You need this guy in your Justice League. I mean, come on – anyone who can find the haiku in Starman is a genius.
Mike Sterling - Why? Because he's MIKE ******* STERLING, that's why! Mike's upside your head! *
Zombie Killer - he's cool, he's hip, and he kills zombies. What else do you need to know?
H - some people consider themselves cool enough to be known by one name (Cher, Geraldo, etc). H is so cool he's only known by one letter. Plus, he digs Graham Parker. Deal.
Greg - because every Justice League needs an Aquaman....
Brian ...and a Booster Gold...**
Logan -...and a Snapper Carr.
Lefty Brown - he's the moral center of the team – kind of like J'Onn J'Onzz, only not as green and doesn't shape shift.***
Psychbloke - Women are crazy....for Psychbloke. But he sets 'em straight with some hard-edged psychotherapy.
Red Haired Librarian - I suspect that she has a Batgirl costume hidden away in her closet. This suspicion both fascinates and frightens me.

Yes, I have too much free time – why do you ask?

*One day – even if it's done as an April Fool's Prank – I would like to see Mike's blog come up as MIKE ******* STERLING'S PROGRESSIVE ******** RUIN, just because.
**Brian - please don't come over to my place and threaten to "pound my head into my tummy". It could be worse - you could be Guy Gardner
***And J'Onn has better taste in head gear.
****For some reason, I see these three guys in the LSH. Or should that be JSA?

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