January 13, 2006

Friday da 13th Post

Well, everyone, some potential good news - I'm in the running for a pretty cool job. It will mean learning to how, like, be professional....but I'm still putting out the old resumes. So until I come up with something creative and new, here's some linkage.

Laura, Brian and I all agree - this is the greatest news of the 21st century.

(Well, that and Thunderbird 1.5's release)

As you may have heard, one of Oprah's Book Club selections might have fudged the truth. To be honest, Oprah should have known better, especially since 12 Step (and other recovery programs) usually depend first and foremost on honesty.

All hail the great Hembeck - and happy (belated) birthday! (And Mr. Hembeck - I'll try to keep you updated on this blog. Honest).

Beaucoup Kevin shows us some movies!

You know, it's much easier to love than hate, you know what I'm saying?

Everyone else celebrates the Batman TV show's 40th anniversary - I give you the history of the Batmobile, maybe the coolest thing about the show.

If you want to find cool stuff, check out Lifehacker, which includes links to such things as free courses, developing one good habit per month, and various other tips and tricks.

Here's an appreciation of H.P. Lovecraft. Huzzah!

Doing his part for cultural literacy, Greg shares with his readers daily facts about events that occurred throughout history. Now, if he only featured events that happened in Marx Brothers history, then life would be complete. If you don't like history, well....cross this Rubicon, pal!

Speaking of the Marx Brothers, this site has several examples of Harpo talking. Don't you wish some comics bloggers would take the hint?

Ian wants to know what brought you back to comics.

Finally, I am seriously considering this feature for the blog - let me know how you feel in the comments.

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