January 11, 2006

Jury Duty

Spent most of Monday and Tuesday in jury duty - of course, I wasn't chosen, but I'm not too surprised. I think my whole rant about how the guilty should "sizzle like a cheap steak" turned off the court. However, as a special treat - you get to read my snarky responses to referral log entries! Isn't that fun?

10 things to do before your 18 - these should include getting your high school diploma and learning to spell...

will-pfeiffer blog...and telling the difference between me and Mr. Pfeiffer

batman mumble sound file - Haven't we had enough of this?

anne rice reborn blog - uh, not here. I hate Anne Rice. Read more Robert R. McCammon. You'll thank me later.

Sound clip of Rawhide's theme song - why not just buy the album?

Bloop the Green Monkey - I enjoy euphemisms, don't you?

reemergence of the gifts of the spirit 1904 - you know, I could look up directions on building an atomic bomb at the St. Louis Public Library, but it blocks this blog. What gives? Seriously.

"Lake Bell" cigarettes - for those who don't want just the "Surface" of smoking...get it? (Sorry, Roger - had to go for the joke).

moleskine tips - check out here and here. But first, be sure you actually have a Moleskine notebook.

alone a night at the opera lyrics the marx brothers - buy the movie and use the captions. What do I look like, a trancriptionist?

conan "john tesh" animal planet - You don't get of the house much, do you?

svengoolie for sale - I'll settle for Sven showing up on St. Louis television

"procrastinators anonymous" "12 step" - I think I'll check this site out later.

douglas adams "three starships" - This is what happens when you drink and Google, folks.

blog true lies strip scene - This is the number 1 search term for this blog, based on a post about a shock tactic video. Since all you goofballs are too cheap to actually, like, buy the DVD, here's the clip. I hope you're frickin' happy.

Sorry 'Bout That, Chief - unless you're one of the goofballs mentioned above. For my usual readers, I'm sorry...I had to do it. Honest.

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