February 20, 2006

Homeward Bound

Well, everyone, right now I'm in Chicago on the last day of my visit to my Mom and my godson - unfortunately, the latter's a wee bit sick, so no pictures to be posted. Of course, I had tried blogging two memes/quizzes earlier - however, they messed up the format, so they are deleted. (Meaning - if you use an RSS aggregator like Bloglines for this blog and can't find two entries, my bad).

Anyway, just a quick little check-in: was able to take care of some small bills, and do some financial planning. Fly back to STL around 6-ish, and so I'll be home and preparing for tomorrow.

Plus, I'm making my way slowly but surely through this new Beatles biography - even though the story's familiar, the way it's written makes it seem like fiction, even though it's true.

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