February 13, 2006

Monday Evening Blogaround

Yes, friends, it's that time once again - time where I capitalize on others' hard work and post the highlights of the web for your entertainment.

(Hey, I had a meeting tonight - my first work related meeting. It was official, too, because they had Doritos. It's not a meeting without Doritos, but I digress).

First, like Andy, I hate Valentine's Day...and will do everything in my power to make Steak & BJ Day a National holiday.

Also, Greg's starting a CD exchange - so sign up now! (Especially with Chris "Lefty" Brown switching domains)

You know, nothing says "I can outperform you no matter what" like the Pocket CEO.

Personal guilty pleasure - weekly installments from Discovering Sherlock Holmes. Reproductions of initial Holmes short stories as they appeared over 100 years ago...and which remind me not only of how cool Holmes is, but that I owe you guys a blog on Zero Effect, don't I?

We've added Written Word to the blogroll because - well, we dig it.

From Laura's blog, you can make your own motivational posters (like the one posted above - and no, this is not another entry in Dorian's meme)

(By the way, Dorian, thanks for posting Kid Chris' topless picture. Thanks to that picture, I have now lost my appetite for the next twenty years. Thanks a smegging bunch. I suppose your next entry will be Mike in his lucky Swamp Thing pajamas - the ones with the feet on them).

(NOTE: First, Kid Chris' blog seems to have disappeared, even though there's a link on Dorian's site. In addition, Dorian has kindly replaced Kid Chris with Patrick Warburton. However, my therapist advised me that it would be therapeutic to experience Guy Gardner Week at The Comics Asylum. I'm still afraid of Mike and his Swamp Thing pajamas.).

Forget to buy inserts for your planner? Free ones are here! That's right - free!

On a related note, I've been playing with Picasa, and if you haven't used it to organize your photos....you're missing out, my friends.

So So Silver Age reminds you, in this excellent essay, that indie does not always equal good.

Here's a little something about how writing shouldn't be seen as a punishment...unless your name is John Grisham.

Want to create a bunch of RSS buttons for your blog? Well, if you're a glutton for attention (like me), you'll want to head here to get the skinny.

Sun Ra + Blues Project + Batman = greatness

Have problems setting goals? Are you a knucklehead? Will you send me obscene amounts of cash if I ask you to? If you answered yes to any of the three questions, click here.

Finally, ever wondered where you could find a font that seemed, well, familar? Or look at some movie and say, "Hey, my work reports should be in all of that particular font"? Well, worry no more - you can find them here.

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