March 16, 2006

Short Takes

First, thanks to the St. Louis Public Library, I was able to enjoy all three acts of the Batman: War Games arc from several years ago. Of course, I use "enjoy" loosely - it is an interesting premise (one of the g*****n Batman's plans to control Gotham gang activity goes awry); however, in execution, it's mostly "oh, ****, how do we deal?" It becomes painfully evident that this was to drive sales, and hopefully, the post-Infinite Crisis DC Universe will stay away from event-driven comics for awhile.

Well, one can only hope.

Speaking of event comics, much like Mike and Dorian, I was able to catch the Ultimate Avengers animated "movie", complete with pop-up commentary which - for some reason - suggests that the over-21 drinking age is a good thing. It's a pretty good animated movie, almost a shot-for-shot retelling of the original comics. The style is a few notches above Saturday morning animated fare, and I wish Cap had said, "What do you think the A stands for - France?" It's not a DVD I would own, but it's well worth renting.

Finally, all I can say about Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars is....thanks, Brian. Both my good pal Brian, the poker playing tough guy who's huggable and lovable, and Brian Henson. Three hours of non-stop Farscape action that brings the series to a satisfying conclusion. An explanation of how the Peacekeepers got their name. People live. People die. And except for one slightly painful piece of irony, well-written. Watch the first four seasons before catching this, however. You'll thank me later.

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