April 4, 2006

Newsarama Threads We'd Like to See

(By the way, the following is satirical, and no way no how resembles the comic blogosphere. I swear. Double swear on my grandmother's grave. And apologies to Mike)

Who's the best comics blogger?

"Who, in your opinion, has the best content when it comes to comics and graphic literature. Who do you think is the best blogger on comics out there."

"I honestly feel that Beaucoup Kevin is the best comics blog - it's literate, has some great insights, and is just plain fun!"

"You're wrong - it's Dorian's site - it's funny, snarky, and just plain entertaining."

"Quit burning your lips on the crack pipe - there's a site where a guy talks about comics at times, but he also posts pictures. I think it's named after his girlfriend, Delenda. He could kick the other bloggers butts"

"Gotta go with Dave's Long Box - let's face it, he flosses punks like these other bloggers out of his teeth, and he can pimp slap Goku like the sissy boy he is"

"Two words: Polite Dissent. Anyone who disagrees with me gets a napalm enema."

"You know what would be cool? If these guys, like, formed a superhero team and called themselves, like, the Comics Blog Legion. They could fight, like, Thor and ninjas and stuff and take Wolverine's adamantium skeleton and use it to shave Superman's head and get some kryptonite lightsabers and go all snakes on a plane on Darth Vader and stuff."

"Actually, you know who should be taken off? Comics Should be Good and that Comic Spoilers sight. I mean, man, they're always busting on Bendis, man. Bendis is God! He rulz!"

"Hey, who wants to call that Brill guy and invite him to Fake ID night at the local bar? Who's with me?"

"You know, all of you - you're lame. You're lame because the post-Crisis Superman could take you all and trade you in for cigarettes in prison. And not real cigarettes, but the cheap generic ones. Yeah, so knock it off."

"Let me just remind all of you - the Absorbascon could kick all the bloggers fannies. Let's face it, it has haiku, panels, and DC goodness, whereas all that the bloggers have is just dumb opinions."

Brief note - all of the above comments were meant in a satiric manner, and in no way reflects how I feel about the above blogs. Except the Bendis comment. The dude needs to lose the ego. Honestly.

(Besides, hard day at work. Needed to blow off some steam. All in fun).

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