April 16, 2006

Online Easter Basket Blogaround

To be honest, other than free candy and ham, I never had much use for Easter. However, given that I'm starting to actually understand what the holiday means, and as a treat for all of you readers - sites for you to check on. (And a great shout-out to Eddie for building on "Holy Thursday, Batman!")

First, a huge shout-out to Tony at Mah Two Cents, who gave an update on Mark at Abject Conjecture. Having been in the whole out-of-work deal, I know it's tough, and it's good to see Mark handle it with good spirits. We're pulling for you, pal.

Also, in sadder news, Love's Arthur Lee is battling leukemia. I know what I'll be listening to this afternoon.

A "Blog THIS, Pal" recommendation - since I have to use Microsoft Publisher at work, and need to make the files e-mailable, I use CutePDF. It works wonders.

(For tons more freeware to make your life more workable, click here)

Mike Sterling presents James, the singing Batman.

Something Old, Nothing New
talks about season four of Newsradio. If you do not laugh out loud while reading, there is something wrong with you.

Also, more free stuff here!

Allegedly, an American Idol contestant thinks Simon Cowell is mean and unfair. To which I respond - hey, if I had to listen to bad singers all day, I'd be testy.

Sometimes, I'm ashamed to be Catholic. (Thanks to Boing Boing)

Hey, readers, here are some solutions for gentle kitchen cleaning. (It's part of my new job. Honest).

Google has just released its online calendar, and having played with it - it's actually pretty cool. Be sure to give it a try. (If you want a Gmail invite, just drop me a line - I have plenty to go around).

Want to receive RSS feeds in an e-mail? Try Squeet.

Finally, because you demanded it - a list of Sherlock Holmes web sites.

Happy Easter, Everyone!

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