April 18, 2006

Super Karate Monkey Death Car

Just some random musings that wouldn't warrant a full post:
  • You know, there's nothing more glorious then seeing the new Busch stadium as the MetroLink curves round towards the Stadium station. Third base rocks, man!
  • Boston Public has a new episode tonight. Denny Crain!
  • Just received the first batch of Mixed Bag 4 discs....Serene's looks cool, Roger's is promising, Greg has a great catch to his, but Mike....if there's even a hint of weirdness or strangeness, it's....not gonna be pretty.
  • I'll probably give a listen to them next weekend, while I'm in Chicago for my three year old godson's birthday. Is it a good idea to buy a 3 year old bourbon?
  • While reading The Essential Moon Knight, I realized why the book was so frickin' cool when I was younger - instead of rationalizing the guy's three identities as being from parallel earths (as DC might have done), Marvel simply gave the guy a split personality. (Well, that and the fact that having multiple identities allowed Moon Knight to operate in several fields). If this doesn't warrant a full post at some later date, I don't know what does.
  • Who do I bug at Marvel to put together The Essential Guardians of the Galaxy. I mean, they've already done Killraven, and I want to see how using underarm deodorant leads to the end of the world.
  • Also, DC Comics please take note - ten words of advice: Showcase Presents The Inferior Five; Showcase Presents The Doom Patrol
Lunch hour's over - it's back to work!

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