June 30, 2006

Answers, I Have the Answers

Without further adieu, here we go....

First, Roger hogs the meme by asking several questions, including

Heaven: Does it exist?
Resurrection. Will our lives in heaven being only as souls, or will it be in body as well? If it is bodily, which body type? Tattoos et al?

I believe in Heaven (being raised Catholic will do that to you), and that our souls will be resurrected. Besides, given my chunky build, I don't believe I need that much extra packaging in the afterlife.

Is violence ever justified? Do you believe a violent resistance when it comes to protect your loved ones?

I believe violence is justified in a life-or-death, self-defense situation, and it would depend n the loved ones I'm protecting, as well as the situation.

Is there a hell? Who goes there? Does suicide necessarily send you there?

I believe that there is a Hell for those who are extremely evil - Hitler, Manson, etc. I honestly believe that God (Higher Power, whatever your title) is a forgiving, loving god, and that I doubt that if someone took their own life out of extreme pain, that he would put that person in the same class as a mass murderer.

An arithmetic question: How many times does pi go into pie?
Depends on the circumference of the pie.

Now, the unflappable Lefty Brown asks:

Man asking questions on a blog, is it a virus, a meme, or a cry for help?

It's a meme, unless you're this guy. Next question....

If you could only take one single CD to listen to in a car ride across the country what would it be?

The obvious answer - Chuck Berry's The Great Twenty-Eight.

What's your favorite comic book cover ever?

This, with a shout-out to Fred Hembeck

Why does compels Mike Sterling to be such a cheater pants?

Why is Mike Sterling such a cheater pants? He admitted it publicly.

What compels him? Something dark which we should not ever investigate. Ever.

In a guitar axe duel who would win, B.B. King or Albert King?

True winner: the audience.

What's the last four CDs you bought?

Here you go, Lefty.

What comic book series do you have the most single issues of?

Before they were destroyed in a flood, I would have said Sandman Mystery Theater. Now, I would probably have to take an inventory and check.

Why aren't you reading Nextwave? And if you are, how can they make comic books that good? It seems near impossible.

Answer - I've been too busy reading Rocketo. However, how can they make comic books that good - talent, and a willingness to avoid cliches. (Reminder to myself - Nextwave on pull list)

Church of Klugman asks:

Name your top 10 favorite Klugman performances?

Juror # 5 in Twelve Angry Men (which I played in high school), his four Twilight Zone appearances, The Odd Couple, the punk rock episode of Quincy...and those Eagle snack commercials he did with Tony Randall some years back.

Also, would you date our sister?

Send a picture and ID - I have the feeling I'm being set up, and not in a good way.

Zombie Killer asks:

Top 7 places to hole up in case of a zombocalypse?

My special, secret anti-zombie bunker
Upstairs at the Tap Room
Anyplace with heavy weaponry
Keith Richards' place...

(Trust me, I'm not the zombie expert)

Does the following make you worry?

It makes my blood chill....I mean, Richard Chamberlain a villain?

5, 17, or 23?

Depends - what am I counting?

If it's dead zombies, the more the merrier...

Eddie asks:

What are you doing this weekend? I'm going tobe in St Louis from Sat-Tues. Got time for coffe? Email me.

E-mail sent - you'll be the second blogger that I've met since this little blog adventure of mine started.

Finally, Tom the Dog chimes in with

Thank you! And just because no one ever accused me of being a cheater pants doesn't mean I'm not

No problem - but at least you're no Mike Sterling.

Thanks for participating - actual content coming soon!

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