June 7, 2006

Post-Apocalyptic Referral Log Fun

Given a lack of real inspiration, I thought that I would, like several other bloggers before me, talk about the Google searches that get people here. (Since we avoided the coming of the Antichrist, I thought we shoudl celebrate). The number one search term for the past few months has been "Super Karate Monkey Death Car" - now watch where I got the inspiration.

"Ben Stiller" shoe size - who cares? I don't.

comic making babies - I think it involves Superboy Prime punching the wall.

clueless sexist - Hey, at least some of us are trying not to be...

"library card fraud" - Before I forget, a happy belated blogiversary to Roger, and a premature happy blogiversary to the Redhead Fangirl.

why would Jack the Ripper be considered an anti-hero? - back away slowly from this one...

blogspot referral logs - yay! I'm becoming a pop culture icon!

"what if the germans won world war one" - then we would have no Nick Fury

www the guitar solo matlock theme song com - Coming soon from Beaten Dead Horse Productions: www.mikesterlingisabigcheaterpants.com

Luckily for Harper Lee she won enough people over with the only interesting section of the book - what is this, a Google search or a review?

make your own reading pal - I often do so...in my mind

Sprained ankle in justice league fanfic - Because we all know Hawkman's such a wussy

self-sabotage questionnaire - question one would begin, "You went back to your old employer for a meeting - you didn't feel any resentment or fear. Did you do the right thing?"

"this has been a hell of a week" Shakespeare - my favorite of all the Bard's plays; rumor has it that it will be the next production of the St. Louis Shakespeare Festival

u.s. presidents "rated by i.q." - my personal nomination for president with the lowest I.Q.? This gentleman

success of jla laundry - someone out there...needs to get some direct sunlight. Honestly.

Thanks for reading!

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