July 7, 2006

All In Color for a Buck

I have to admit, the post-Infinite Crisis DC Universe has me...a little stumped. Is it a new universe? A rebooted universe?

Much of my confusion stems from Brave New World, which previews several "new" DC series. Eighty pages for a buck - sounds interesting, doesn't it? However, based on this, I know there will be three series I'll definitely be checking out, and three that I'll pass on.

(Favorite comment about Brave New World: Redhead Fangirl's. So cool that I had to look up "fentanyl".)

Omac - I liked the story, up until the slightly cliche ending. I'm all OMAC-ed out. Pass

Martian Manhunter - Personally, I don't think we need a grim and gritty Martian Manhunter. The redesign does little for me. Yet, I like the "everything-he's-known-has-been-changed" premise, so I'll give it a go.

The Creeper - Always liked the Creeper, and I like this take on the character. Definitely check out.

The All-New Atom - Gail Simone gives us some Silver Age-y type goodness. (Byrne's art is passable - however, how to reconcile my appreciation of his art with my contempt for his jerkiness?) Plus, it seems to have a really cool vibe about it - definitely worth investigating.

Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters - looks interesting; however, there's the Phantom Girl issue. I hate to offend the female readers out there, but I'm beginning to suspect that, with the way some other female characters are portrayed, that Dan Didio is a Russ Meyer fan. I'll give it an issue or two.

Please feel free to flame my sexist comments in the comments box.

Trials of Shazam - I've had a soft spot for Captain Marvel; however, do we need a grim-and-gritty version of the character? (I like the magic focus - makes a lot of sense). This is one I just...don't know.

First lesson learned: listen to Greg - never buy anything just because it's a buck.

Second lesson learned: ok, Lefty, I'll take Catwoman off my Netflix queue. Thanks for watching my back.

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