July 9, 2006

Good Things.

Unfortunately, I'm recovering from a double-whammy of both a health fair yesterday morning and a major allergy attack. However, here are some good things to help kick off your week:
  • This unusual, probably NSFW video (If you work at a place where it is safe to view that, please let me know);
  • The All-New Atom #1 - the preview in Brave New World didn't lie; I love this book.
  • From Lifehacker: how to save money online and 55 fun things to do with Google;
  • I survived Stoned, quite easily the worst movie in 2006. Ostensibly, it's a hodgepodge of Austin-Powers grooviness, tons of female nudity, and pretentious filmmaking that leads to one conclusion: Brian Jones was a creepy dude. Wow, what an incredible insight. Avoid this movie. You will be grateful.
  • The comics blogosphere, and a hearty thank-you to everyone who has linked to this blog. You're appreciated.
  • Supreme: The Story of The Year: much like this year's biggest movie hit, this Alan Moore-penned series featured the return of a hero after an exile in space. The art ranges from the exceptional (Rick Veitch and Chris Sprouse) to the barely competent (one female hero seems to have a waistline of 12). However, this is a long-deserved reprint.
  • And finally, this thought from the immortal Mike Ditka: "Success isn't permanent, and failure isn't fatal."

Have a great week, everyone!

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