July 28, 2006

Update/To Ease Your Confusion

First, Dad's surgery has been delayed - maybe it's the bloodwork, or maybe it's the White Castle slider boxes they keep finding hidden under his bed. He's his usual self (and I'm flying back to the Lou early Sunday morning), so please keep those good vibes coming - and thanks for everyone's well wishes.

And now, a little something stolen from the Church of Klugman:

This is Mike Sterling, author of the greatest comic blog in the mulitiverse. He has some interesting taste in comics and movies, but other than that, he's a swell guy. Never met him, but he has a reputation of being a "big cheater pants." Plus, he seems to like the word "pants" a little too much. But other than that, he's harmless.

On the right, is a picture of me at a recent picnic - ironically, my name is Polish for "smoker of meats". (As in "smoke over an open grill", not "smoke as in certain illicit and legal substances"). I normally do not wear lobsters - those were purchased at a dollar store, and it shows. But there are many ways in which Mike and I are amazingly similar.

Finally, this is an Egg McMuffin.

Hope this has been educational, and that you've learned something...because knowing is half the battle!

Coming up on Blog This, Pal! - Khaaaan!
(Here's a sneak preview)

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