August 27, 2006

Pre-Labor Day Comics Blast

Just in keeping with the Comics & Pop Culture Blogosphere Act of 2005, I must (by Federal law) have at least one comic-related post per month. However, in the interest of keeping it lively, I would like to announce that my super-power is salsa dancing.

That's right - Andy has juggling, Dave has monkey covers, and Roger has....well, whatever he has. I have salsa dancing.

And now, the comic reviews - enjoy!

Justice Society (trade) - Collecting the All-Star Comics revival (and including the "Origin of the Justice Society" from DC Special # 29), this book contains some of the beginnings of the intergenerational themes that are currently cropping up in current DC comics. It's good to see Star Spangled Kid acting a little, well, immaturely; a relatively normally proportioned Power Girl (although her elders' patronizing attitude towards her "feminist" beliefs is painful), and just some good old school comics storytelling. Worth checking out.

Martian Manhunter # 1 - Although I wasn't impressed with the preview, I decided to plunk down my hard earned cash. This approach might have worked in the mid-1990s, with its conspiracy-minded, almost X-Files sensibility. However, like I said then - do we need a grim and gritty Martian Manhunter? Or an everything-you-know-is-wrong approach? Sorry, I won't be following this mini-series.

Justice League of America # 1 - Brad Meltzer seems to be going in two directions with this book: the first is straight out big superhero action; the other is focusing on one of the "minor" Leaguers. As a result, this first issue is not as strong as it probably should be. (Although I really dug the Ollie/Hal/Dinah scene - if you read it, you know the one I'm talking about). I'll stick with it for another issue or two, but things need to pick up.

Nextwave: Agents of HATE # 7 - Now this is more like it - big superhero action with liberal dollops of humor. Thank you, Lefty Brown, for making such a great call. If you are not reading this book, you deserve nothing less than total public humiliation.

Batman # 655 - 656 - Good news: Batman is slightly readable again, without the manic madness that Grant Morrison usually provides. Bad news: this is starting off slowly, and just seems kinda...there.

Secret Six # 3 - Between this and All-New Atom, I am seriously digging Gail Simone's writing. Slam-bang action with a nervy sense of I the only person who wants to see a Secret Six ongoing?

Coming up on the blog: jamming econo, Labor Day in Chicago, and other fun postings.

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