October 25, 2006

Five Reasons To Read Gail Simone's Work

I'm totally ripping off this productivity blog, but welcome to a new feature - five reasons that I'll give for about anything. (Aka, my personal cure for writer's block).

So to inaugurate this new feature (and, if Mike's correct, the urban legend states that she will come if I mention her name several times), I am going to give you, the Blog THIS, Pal! reader, five reasons why you should pick up Ms. Simone's work and read it.

  1. Her characters - whether they be hero or villain, Ms. Simone is able to flesh out motivations, to create well-rounded individuals that are worth revisiting. From the Birds of Prey to making Catman cool, she gives the reader full-blooded people to read about, and not the usual cliches.
  2. Stylistically, she's diverse - her work ranges from the more solid action of Secret Six to the Silver Age-meets-X-Files-meets-Lovecraft of All-New Atom, she never stops suprising, and even when you think you see a fake-out, she comes back. Look at the ending of Secret Six # 2 (with Dr. Psycho visiting Ragdoll), and then reread Secret Six # 3, for a should-have-seen-it-coming twist that seems somehow fresh.
  3. She also is a mistress of dialogue - her characters actually sound like human beings talking to one another, yet is able to balance that with macho action. I think that Kevin Smith could probably use a lesson or two from her (especially in terms of deadlines).
  4. Online, both at her blog and in various other forums, Ms. Simone demonstrates a strong degree of patience and tact in interacting with fans. (She was able to survive working with both John Byrne and Rob Liefeld, and has also sought professional advice on her reading. Don't believe me? Just ask Polite Scott).
  5. She's a redhead. (The only major slightly sexist thing I'll say in this entire post).

And, in order to give it that Sleestak-y goodness, here is my official WFA Pandering Seal:

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